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After-Turkey Day Sale of Insanity Part Deux
2005-12-06, 9:56 a.m.

So, I promised a mariachi band, and I will not disappoint, despite the fact that we're nearer Christmas than Thanksgiving at this point. So, I'm a little late. Where's the surprise in that?
Well, after we had quested all day for those elusive moon shoes, we were tired. So, Mere & I met up with Ngim & Meg.
Ack! I just saw what time it was & I've got to skedaddle. Actual updates return tonight when I finish alphabetizing my lists of sea turtle species variations! Really!


Fun for the Ears: Silencio por favor!
Indulgence for the Imagination: Waiting for Amazon to deliver the next installments o' my Furuba!!!
Amusement for All: Why don't we all enjoy enjoy vampires? Not that I d

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After-Turkey Day Sale of Insanity Part Deux
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