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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
2006-01-08, 4:01 a.m.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Howdy!!!
Good grief! When I miss an update, I really make it count! I am not dead. Or horribly disfigured. I was born looking like this. Ok, if that made no sense, well, you're stupid. Ok. Time for a new paragraph that is not this lame. Begin...NOW!

There have been many, many occurences of note since I last updated. I never did continue the tale involving the mariachi band. ::sigh:: Let me just say that trumpets in close proximity are loud. Very loud. So loud that you cannot carry on a conversation with someone 12 inches away from you. It was a cute idea to have a mariachi band serenade your guests in your Mexican restaurant, Hacienda San Miguel; however, not while they are within 1-2 feet of guests and while at least 4 TVs are blaring sports related shows loud enough for the people in Zaxby's next door to hear the sports announcers. That is all that I will say. It is enough. Or enuf.
Seriously, why do we have to add all those unnecessary letters? We shood al rite like this. Let's take all the extra letters. Like Mississippi should really be Misisipi. Well it should actually be Misipi (that's how we roll down South).

News of note!!! (also the reason my update schedule is next to never)
I now work at the Books-a-Million. You can look me up there. I will sell you a Discount Card which will earn me money, earn the store even more money, and earn you my eternal gratitude (even more if you buy 2!) This is the first time I've ever worked retail (besides my Food World job which isn't really the same at all). It's also the first time I've ever worked the HOLIDAYS....

....I think I was just writing about something but it was too horrible to finish, so I'll let you figure it out for yourself. I have now updated finally for all of you who have waited so very patiently. Hopefully a second update will come soon (no promises!), so until then I will say "Auf Weidersehen!" This means I'll see you again but I won't see you again because I've probably never seen you before but I guess you know what I meant so you can take it in the spirit that it was written in or really the spirit it was intended to be in because instead of being really nice and all it was kind of sarcastic and that's just not what I was going for but really I was and this is a long sentence and I need to go to bed so bye.


Fun for the Ears: Mogwai - Rock Action
Indulgence for the Imagination: Fruits Basket Vol. 12 (only 3 months until Vol. 13!!! ::gasp:: )
Amusement for All: Is there a reason I always ask the obvious question that needs no asking?

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
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